life + 2010

Recupero ambientale di un suolo degradato e desertificato mediante una nuova tecnologia di trattamento di ricostituzione del terreno. LIFE plus 2010 Environment Policy Governance

Research on out of site soils

The research of the land compatible with the intervention will be carried out on various extraction activities disseminated on the territory such as borrow pits and silt-clay quarries, both generally dedicated to the supply of land for the environmental restoration of empty slots in quarries.

These lands - fundamental for the project development - need not be fertile or topsoil grounds because the financed intervention of reconstituted land production has as primary objective to reconstitute and produce fertile soil from depleted or sterile soils. The research of soils will then be developed on the land quarries that possess granulometric and texture characteristics similar to the nature of the intervention. The quarries that are to be researched are the following:

  • Caves of land authorized for the extraction of silt, clay and sand soils generally intended for filling works, construction of dams, embankments, or brick production.
  • Cave of land generally intended for the development of land for landscaping reprofiling works.

This research of land compatible with the intervention, which will continue throughout the project, is conducted through visits to test sites, sampling and land characterization.


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