life + 2010

Recupero ambientale di un suolo degradato e desertificato mediante una nuova tecnologia di trattamento di ricostituzione del terreno. LIFE plus 2010 Environment Policy Governance

Research on Degraded Soils

Site characterization studies allow for the definition of the types of degraded land on site. Such distinction will also permit to organize trials on experimental plots, and distinguish the areas of degraded soils (Area 1, Area 2 etc.), to organize investigations in experimental plots and in the test fields. The criteria to diversify the soil categories should follow the indications below:

  • observations of the site areas during topographic surveying with a first distinction, if possible, of the zones;
  • on site observations of the field during the construction of sampling with die;
  • laboratory analysis (chemical and physical characterization) on soils collected through multiple percussion sampling with die;
  • extensive studies during the observations made on the profile of the soils (profiles and sampling through excavations) and on further investigations (pedological characterization; microbiological and biochemical characterization).

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